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By Joan Carol Stone  

The process begins when you start to search
for your special lot on planet earth.
You buy your land and start to plan
You agonize and to your surprise, you visualize…your dream!

Now which builder and architect will “get” your visual concept?
You’ve made your choice ~ now it’s time to rejoice!
Some delays are caused by the county’s red tape
But soon it’s approved and your dream takes shape.

With his confident style and sincere smile,
Les does his best…to ease the stress…out of the process.
Floors, doors, lights, beams, ceilings, plumbing and rough in’s.
A thousand decisions that make your head spin.

Slowly but surely your home’s finally built!
Celebrate with champagne and drink to the hilt!
You look out your windows at God’s scenery.
Thank you, Lord ~ my dream’s a reality!

© 2011

Carol Snyder-Stone
photo by Dan Watson

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