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  1. Designing Your Dream Home: Where Do You Start? 

    Begin by starting a “home ideas” file. Include pictures of homes, kitchens, great rooms, roof styles and other features that you want in your dream home. Your ideas will help the designer who draws up your preliminary design. 

  2. First Meeting

    My potential clients and I get to know each other while they tell me what they want in their dream home. We discuss their design plans, their property and their budget. If they are interested in Green building, I tell them about my company’s Green building techniques. Since I want to be upfront with them, I let them know what my markup is for profit and overhead.

  3. Walking Their Property

    If they have bought a lot (or found one they’re interested in), we walk it together so that I can evaluate its slope and its characteristics. It soon becomes apparent what size and style of home would fit on their land and their lifestyle.

  4. Design Plans

    If they have design plans, I carefully go over them. If they don’t, my company offers an “In-house Design and Plan Drafting Service,” and I would work closely with them to design a home that fits their building site, lifestyle and budget. Since they control the cost of their home with the features they choose, I tell them to keep a close eye on their budget while they are designing their home.

  5. Pricing Your Home/Obtaining Bids 

    Once the plans are completed, I submit copies to subcontractors for their bids. When all of them send their bids back to me, I make up a Preliminary Cost Estimate Work Sheet (which includes all costs such as materials, subcontractors, suppliers, my estimated profit, overhead and sales tax); and I give it to my potential clients.

  6. Tips for Choosing & Comparing Builders 

    I recommend to all my potential clients that they should consider at least three other builders before they choose one. Visit the job sites of all the contractors they are considering and compare workmanship! By looking closely at the foundation, framing, finish work, etc., they will soon see whether or not this builder and his crews take pride in their work. It’s also important to compare each builder’s markup for overhead and profit. These figures will show them how much of their money is going into the construction of their home and how much is going into the pocket of the builder. Bottom line: they should choose a builder they feel they can trust and who will give them the best care and service; a builder who will construct a quality home for them at a fair price.

  7. Agreement

    If they choose me to be their contractor, an agreement is drawn up between my company and my clients, which takes care of and protects both of us. If they are getting financing for their new home, it is their responsibility to use a lender who funds the project with a “draw schedule,” which helps to promote a positive and smooth cash flow.

  8. Permits 

    All the necessary forms and paperwork are submitted to the appropriate county and agencies, which include any Home Owners Association in their development area.

  9. Construction Process 

    Once permits are approved, scheduling of the Construction Process begins - starting with breaking ground, foundation, framing, trim and finish work, etc.

  10. Completion

    After the county has done its final inspection, my clients and I make a final walk through of their dream home to make sure they approve and are satisfied with everything.

  11. Follow Up 

    If they need us in the future, my team and I will be there to provide customer service.


To request additional information on the building process, please complete the form on the Contact Us page. 

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